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memories like the corners of my mind

I was giving pep talk to the Sales Staff who are manning the Season Ticket table in the lobby over at FIDDLER ON THE ROOF this morning, and everyone started thinking of subscriptions they had sold as gifts, one stranger than the next!

David had a great mother-in-law story. A woman calls every season to renew her son and daughter in law’s season tickets. She not only pays for the subscription but mentioned she also babysits for them so they can have a relaxing “date night.” Now that is a great mother in law!

Mary in marketing said she could top that story. Her friend purchased two subscriptions as a wedding present for his wife last year and this year it became her anniversary gift. Maybe when they have children they will add to their subscription and bring the kids.

And speaking of children, one woman brings her teen age daughter to the shows. She has a Sunday evening subscription because her daughter is so busy with extra-curricular activities so that is the only time they have to spend together. And heaven knows any mother would jump at the chance to have a few pleasant hours with a teenager, where no conversation is required and the only drama is on the stage.

What memories…