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Happy New Year!
What a great year it has been! Now Broadway In Chicago looks to what is coming next. Loved Chris Jones’ New Year’s resolutions in the Chicago Tribune – “Make theatergoing a weekly habit.”  What could be a better resolution!  He also said “Broadway In Chicago had to find a replacement for WICKED.”  Can you imagine? There are no replacements for shows, just more, different, longer and newer shows – but never a replacement.  WICKED is like a child to me and to the many of the staff members at Broadway In Chicago. Three and a half years – that is longer than many marriages (mine aside – 28 years and counting – with a theatrical producer no less).

Don’t forget, I say, we already have an existing long-run and that is JERSEY BOYS! And opening next week is XANADU!

Whatever, we are all preparing for the departure of WICKED: we are planning for a big party and this weekend the orchestra announced that they are going to do a special concert for the cast between shows on Saturday to thank the cast and crew for the wonderful experience that WICKED has been. This is one of the most generous and touching gestures I have seen in theatre.

Today in the office we are frantically putting the final touches on the opening night for GREASE.  The creator of the show, Jim Jacobs (and fellow Chicagoan), will be in attendance and the opening night cast party will be at the Kingston Mines.  I will give my personal opening night tickets to GREASE, Tuesday Night, at the Auditorium Theatre, to the first person who comments to this blog with the answer to the question: Why is the party at the Kingston Mines?

Sorry have to run now as I am meeting with the League of Chicago Theatres to plan the League’s Annual Benefit, more next week.