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F. Murray Abraham. Photo by Gerry Goodstein.

It’s not often Broadway In Chicago gets to do plays, much less Shakespeare, but I love it when we do. I just recently went to Lookingglass Theatre and saw Ethan Frome. I really enjoyed the show!

Before the show I had some time to chat with veteran arts critic Dan Zeff and his wife. In our conversation, I mentioned how much I loved plays and they were slightly surprised. I guess when you do as many musicals as Broadway In Chicago does you just assume the “musical” is the thing.

While I love musicals, there is nothing better than a well crafted play. I love hearing the language. It is almost lyrical, especially when it is Shakespeare. Best of all, the stories unfold right in front of you. You should come to see The Merchant of Venice with F. Murray Abraham. It is stunning!  And soon we will have “Ann,” a new play with Holland Taylor.

Last week, I saw Twist of Water (Loved it!) and this week I am going to see The Big Meal.

Tell me what plays you have seen lately…