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oh, what a feeling!

Carol Rosegg
Elizabeth Stanley and Max von Essen Photo: Carol Rosegg

I have to admit that one of the best things about working in theatre is attending a press night when you know it is going to be a blast. Last Wednesday night, the press night of XANADU was so much fun. Most of us had seen the show either in NY or during previews but the entire staff showed up to root for the cast.One of our season ticket staff members, Bethany, got the chance to sit on stage. This may sound like a publicity stunt for press night but actually we have stage seating every performance for only $25. She told us that the actors made sure that everyone felt like they were part of the show. After the curtain call, Sharon Wilkins, who plays one of the evil muses, gave everyone hugs and thanked them for being not only being a great audience but an important element of the show. Of course, I can’t promise that one of the stars will greet people every night. Sitting in a regular seat at Drury Lane Water Tower, I was definitely jealous of Bethany when I saw her up on stage. I guess I will have to back and this time buy a stage seat and really be part of the show.

Linda Flasch, the Broadway In Chicago Group Sales Manager, also had a fabulous time. She bumped in into Kyle DeSantis in the lobby pre-show. Although, he now owns the theater, Linda remembered him from when he was two years old and she was a very young girl working for his grandfather at Drury Lane Oak Brook. They had a great time catching up.

Rob Ahrens, one of the producers, told me that Elizabeth Stanley, who plays Kira/Clio, made sure that everyone cast started off press night on the right foot. She baked roller skate-shaped cookies for everyone in the cast. It must have worked – XANADU got incredible reviews!