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Chicago's Downtown Theater District
Chicago's Downtown Theater District

My friend Debbie always said, when she would make me get up early on a Saturday morning and troop downtown to the Thanksgiving or Columbus Day Parade with our children, “It is all about the memories. Years from now they will remember the excitement of standing here as the big floats go by.” Debbie was also the one who organized the trip to the theatre to see the NUTCRACKER or CATS. She was my friend so I always agreed, but I had my doubts because after all my daughter was only seven and Debbie’s youngest son was five.

Now our children are out of college and I guess all grown up. Recently one of her sons was in Chicago and over dinner I asked, “What are your best memories of when you were little?”

She was right! Joe went on and on about the parades, the plays and the musicals. And my daughter remembers the first time she saw ANNIE at four like it was yesterday.

A woman called Group Sales today and they put her through to me. Her friends have organized a group of 15 to see MARY POPPINS and she asked if she should bring her seven-year-old son. I could honestly tell her that it would be an afternoon he would never forget and probably the best $23 she would spend for him.