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FUERZA BRUTA: LOOK UP is coming soon. Look in the Red Eye today for special pre-sale access to tickets!

If you want to see the coolest show to show up in Chicago for a while, you are going to want to buy your tickets to FUERZA BRUTA! This is a show that you will walk out of and think, “WOW! What a night! I am so cool to have done this…wait till my friends hear about this show!”

Gorgeous and talented performers from Argentina will invade Chicago soon, and performances begin Friday, May 21. The performers AND audience will share the stage of the Auditorium Theatre like never before – action will be in front of you, above you, beside you.

DO NOT WAIT! Now is the time to buy!  Exclusive access for Red Eye readers only so pick up a paper and turn to page 16 for the details. 

Experiential, exciting, heart pounding wonder – like nothing you have ever seen before!