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i am a sentimental man

Warm greetings from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!…nice job title, eh? Wow. How great to be back in Chicago with “Wicked!” Mostly I’m loving being at home again after twelve fun weeks out with the tour in Boston and  Toronto. I loved Boston and the beer in Toronto is fantastic. But nothing beats sweet home Chicago; the music, the pizza, ribs at Miller’s, the Bean, the Hawks and Bears, and maybe even the White Sox…and maybe, just maybe the Cu…nah. …nevermind. I’d promised all my Wickedpals that it wouldn’t really get snowy and cold till after Xmas. WTH is up w the weather?!  But they seem to be loving it as much as I do. Feeling like I’m the Chicago host, and having guests here in my home town offers a great opportunity to see the sights. Can’t wait to get to the Art Institute and the new Modern Wing…can it be both new and modern simultaneously? Hoping Jeremy Kahn is playing one of those 5:00 sets at Andy’s, hoping for decent walking weather so my fellow Ozians can see Millenium Park. It’s been so great to see so many pals/Wickedfans from our previous stay waiting to say Hi at the stage door. Having been away from Oz for a couple years, doing other acting gigs has really given me an appreciation for the whole experience. It’s hard to really comprehend what a dream-come-true this all is. “Wicked,” I think is arguably the hit of the decade, and I get to be right square in the middle of that whole phenomenon. I mean, really, unless you’re Patti LuPone, or Susan Stroman, or somebody, how many times do you get to be in that position?…working with the likes of Stephen Schwartz and Joe Mantello, and wearing Susan Hilferty’s stunning costumes, not to mention our amazing actors?? Jackie and Chandra are such wonderful (sorry) (a little) witches!! We have some of the best musicians in the country playing in our pit, and then having audiences love what we do so much. So with gratitude in my heart, I wish you all the very happiest of holiday seasons.

Much love to you all,

Gene Weygandt (TWWOO)