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home sweet home

Carla Stickler
These days I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! It isn’t very often that I get to be home for the holidays and for Wicked to be the reason that brings me to Chicago, I’m not sure if I could ask for anything more. Growing up here and having the opportunity to perform for all my friends and family has been a truly wonderful experience. My parents couldn’t be prouder!

As Elphaba’s understudy I’ve been fortunate enough to have performed Elphaba twice since I’ve been in town and my parents were able to make it to both shows. My mom was so excited that she told everyone around her that she was Elphaba’s mom and she probably would have signed autographs if anyone had asked! Working with Broadway In Chicago has really added to my experience of playing my home town. I’ve sung at a treelighting ceremony out in South Barrington, beat Chandra at a good vs wicked cookoff competition for the wonderful people at Kenmore’s live studio broadcast for their website, and done something I never thought I’d get to do – sing the National Anthem at a Bulls game with a few of my cast mates!!

I’m pretty sure Wicked is the official reason as to why they are doing so well this season. Okay, maybe Derrick Rose has a little something to do with it… Having grown up a Bulls fan, watching Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin win all those championships, it was truly magical to have the opportunity to sing at the United Center and watch the players work their magic from great seats a few rows behind the bench… Man are they tall!!!

What an amazing time I’m having being home. I’m so glad I can share my city with all my amazing company members and share Wicked with all the Chicago Wicked fans for this holiday season! Happy holidays everyone! Thanks for making this a special one!

-Carla Stickler (Ensemble, u/s Elphaba, Nessarose)