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5 Tips for a Fantastic Headshot

As an actor, it’s important to make sure your headshot looks clean and professional. Follow these tips and you’re sure to have a headshot that looks great!

1. Image Quality: Your headshot should be a high-resolution photo. A digital camera or phone with an excellent camera that has portrait mode can do the trick. Ask a friend or parent to help you so the quality is high and professional. Please, no fuzzy headshots or mirror selfies.

2. Setting: When in doubt, head outside to take your photo. Natural lighting provides a very even look over the whole photo, and makes you, look like you. Choose a neutral background like a brick or blank wall. Try and avoid distracting or busy backgrounds. You should be the main focal point of the photo.

3. What to Wear: A simple, solid color top that fits you well and matches your eyes always looks best. Avoid colors that blend too much to your skin tone, graphics, and anything you think might distract from your face. No need to get dressed up in a prom dress or tux. The more natural, the better!

4. Crop: In general, a good headshot is chest up with good lighting on your face, and without strong dramatic shadows. You don’t need to be directly center in the middle of the frame, and an off-center angle catches the eye and looks different.

5. Authentic: Make sure your headshot is an accurate representation of what you look like on your best day. A little natural makeup to enhance your features is great, but don’t go overboard!

Check out some of the photos for some excellent examples. Please note, for the purposes of our program, we are not asking you to spend money on a professional headshot. However, as you advance in your career as an actor, it is important to invest in professional photos.

  • Alani Gross-Roberts, 2020 Outstanding Student
  • Tatum Langley, 2016/2017 IHSMTA finalist
  • Claire Ann Santos, 2020 Outstanding Student
  • Corey Barlow, 2016/2017 IHSMTA nominee
  • Jack Cahill-Lemme, 2016 IHSMTA Best Actor