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everyday i do a little something…

When my daughter was about ten she asked me what I did all day. This was actually pretty disturbing since she frequently came to work with me. I told her that I sold tickets (back then I was the Group Sales Manager for the Shubert Theatre which we now call the Bank of America Theatre) but she knew that. How I sold tickets was what she couldn’t figure out since all she saw me do was talk on the phone.

I still sell tickets. My boss, Eileen, flies to see shows and helps to decide if Broadway In Chicago should book the shows. Sometimes they send me to see shows AFTER they make the decision to book them but mainly I sell tickets. One of the Marketing Directors, Andrew, recently asked me what a do all day. So let me give all of you, Andrew and my daughter just a quick glance at some of the things I do all day…

Tuesday, August 11

  • 8:30am – Prepare reports for all the shows currently on Box Office sale
  • 9:00 am – Weekly Marketing meeting with VP and Marketing Team
  • 10:30am – Meet with Linda, the Group Sales Manager, to talk about shows not on public sale – just advance group bookings
  • 11:00am – Make calls to non-profit clients to sell them on the idea of doing a fundraiser using one of our shows
  • 12:30pm – JERSEY BOYS conference call to discuss second anniversary of show
  • 1:30pm – Conference call with Liz, one of Billy Elliot’s show reps, and Andrew
  • 2:00pm – Impromptu meeting with Subscription Sales staff to discuss YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN season ticket printing
  • 3:00pm – Make more calls to book fundraisers
  • 3:30pm – Call (Customer Service problem)
  • 4:00-8:00pm – Update and make changes to reports for Wednesday’s ADDAMS FAMILY meeting with producers

What do you all do all day?