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burning the floor

BURN THE FLOOR begins February 1 and I can’t wait! I will be on the edge of my seat watching every step and turn. The beauty and stamina of professional dancers makes me gasp. I can’t wait to see Anya & Pasha and Ashleigh & Ryan from So You Think You Can Dance in person. I watch shows like So You Think Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars and say to myself… I could do that!

When I was about three years old I decided I would be a professional dancer. Until I broke my foot two years ago I took dance classes every week. But the odd thing is that since I was three, I’ve always been in the beginners class. That’s a lot of years as a beginner. I am small and kind of skinny so new teachers tend to have high hopes when I start their classes. It’s only after I do my first grand jete that I see their sad faces.

Book your tickets for BURN THE FLOOR even if you just dance around your living room like me and won’t be “burning the floor” anytime soon on TV or a Broadway stage. Use the code FOXTROT before when purchasing before 10 a.m. Saturday January 29 for $24 tickets! Valid for evening performances February 1st through 4th, 6th, 8th and 9th:

The first three people who respond to this post with their favorite place and time to secretly “burn the floor” will get two complimentary tickets to Press Night February 1 at the Bank of America Theatre.