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Alexis Juliano – From “So You Think You Can Dance” to STOMP!


Hi everyone!!

My name is Alexis Juliano, but everyone calls me Lexi and I’m a performer in the touring cast of STOMP. This week we’re in Chicago and I’m so incredibly excited to be here because I love this city! Chicago has so many things to see and do, it’s so great that STOMP is here for the whole week! The cast has already been on some adventures together. For instance, we ventured to the Shedd Aquarium yesterday and it was so much fun getting to see the different types of fish (the beluga whales were my favorite!) We are also playing WhirlyBall this week and I am super excited because it will be my first time playing!

Tuesday night was our opening night here in Chicago and it was a packed house! The audience was buzzing and as a performer, we can feel that on stage and feed off of that energy to provide an even more awe-inspiring performance. Judging by the opening night, this week is going to be nothing short of amazing for the audiences. I’m so blessed to be able to tour and perform in great cities like Chicago!

I hope to see you at the show!

<3 Lexi