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A New Family’s Coming to Town!

StageWouldn’t it be great if every time you and your entire family moved to a new city, there was a large crew of people to set up your whole house with furniture, lighting, internet and sound system before you even got there?! Well, The Addams Family has that luxury! Everyone at the Oriental Theatre will be working hard for the next few weeks to make things just right for the premiere of The Addams Family… even Thing will lend a helping hand!! Before the company even arrives to settle into their new “digs”, everything is loaded into the theatre, speakers and lights are hung, set pieces are assembled and countless other welcoming touches are added to what will serve as the Family’s home for four months.

BoxesWe at Broadway In Chicago are honored to welcome The Addams Family into our hometown. Our theatre, just a matter of days ago, was a bare black stage and an audience full of empty seats. Now there are lights on the stage and hanging from the ceiling, and pieces of the set getting into place. Each week as we get closer to opening, the transformation from “the Oriental Theatre” to “The Addams Family home” will be more complete. We like to finish things well in advance, though, so we’re not left in a Lurch when it’s show time!

After having seen the great job our crews have done last week and this week…I know who I’ll be calling for my next move!

Production Coordinator