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Gifting Wicked

At 8:30 on Wednesday morning, I peeked out the door of the Palace Theatre and saw people already waiting to buy WICKED tickets. The Box Office opened at 9:00am (that’s an hour early) for the Public On Sale but there were already men and women in line. Although, the majority of ticket sales these days are done online through, we still get a line the first day. Of course, we held 1,000 great seats to be sold at the Box Office this morning and we gave WICKED t-shirts to the first 50 people at the Box Office.

I helped our Marketing staff hand out the complimentary WICKED t-shirts. I heard two tall men a couple minutes apart ask for small t-shirts. They obviously didn’t know each other and it seemed strange since neither was anywhere near a “small” so I asked each why “why small?” Both guys had the same response – they were buying tickets for their daughters. Now that is a great dad! One guy had never been to the theatre before but had heard his daughter talking about WICKED and wanted to surprise her for her birthday. At this point several people in line jumped in to recommend where the family should sit. I am afraid it got rather heated when the guy behind him said he liked Loge much better than Dress Circle seats. I personally LOVE the Dress Circle so I took offense but luckily someone asked me to explain Suite Service.

I hope that teenage girl realizes what a great father she has! Fabulous seats for WICKED and a WICKED t-shirt. I bet she will never forget this birthday.