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10 Reasons Why “Potted Potter” is Essential This Holiday Season!

When we first received news that Potted Potter was coming to the Broadway Playhouse, we were overwhelmed with joy…

1. Clapping

We also realized that there are 10 important reasons why you need to run to the Broadway Playhouse December 1- January 3rd to see this magical show.

2. Running

1. The world has been without Harry Potter for too long. Sure there’s a theme park and an ABC Family marathon every other weekend, but to actually see a show live in hilarious parody form is something we can’t miss.

3. Dancing

2. It captures all 7 books in 70 hilarious minutes. Let’s face it, no one has time to read all seven books in one sitting (although we have done it before). This is a perfect opportunity to be reminded of those 7 glorious years at Hogwarts.

4. Book

3. We need a fun outing with friends and family visiting us this Holiday Season. Preferably those who are always quoting Harry Potter although this show has something for everyone and is fun for all ages.

5. Modern Family

4. We need to be reminded all the wonderful lessons that Harry Potter has taught us. Like, life would be better if owls delivered our mail.

6. Owl

5. We need to prove how we are true Harry Potter fans. “Read the books, went to all midnight premieres, honeymooned in Harry Potter World, saw the hilarious Broadway show… Boom!”

7. Snape Approves

6. You never know who will attend this show. Story has it that J.K. Rowling tried to see this in England but the show was sold out so she couldn’t buy a ticket. After learning this, the show ALWAYS leaves 1 ticket available for Mrs. Rowling in case she tries to see it again… Who knows maybe she’ll venture to Chicago… One can only hope.

8. Always

7. We need to see the magic that is 2 guys playing a multitude of characters. That is talent.

9. Thriller

8. One word: Quidditch. Yup, they play the magical sport on stage.

10. Quiddich

9. The chance to dig up that old Gryffindor tie you bought for the last movie premiere. Yes, Harry Potter costumes are very much welcomed.

11. Costume

10. And finally, we need to see Lord Voldemort do this:

12. Voldemort

So come out to the Broadway Playhouse this winter and be reminded the magic that his Harry Potter in this hilarious Broadway Parody…

13. High Five

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