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work(shop) it out

What preparation makes a hit a “hit”? How are the actors chosen? What is a rehearsal like? How does the director actually direct? And when does the Stage Manager take over? Does the Director direct the Musical Director and Choreographer? Countless times people booking theatre tickets mention that they are curious about the inner workings of show biz and ask if there was a way to get an insider’s look at the elements that go into a Broadway musical. Tony and Rachel, members of our Broadway In Chicago Staff, as well as professional directors by nights and weekends, begged to create Theatre Workshops to address these inquiries.

The phrase “Theatre Workshops” sounded sort of dry and frankly educational to me! They promised me (and this verbatim) “unique, engaging, rewarding, challenging and inspiring experiences.” I told them that all sounded great, but they better be fun!

So my challenge was accepted and I was pleasantly surprised by their concept. Want to learn the secrets of a good audition? How about trying the warm up exercises like the ones the cast of BILLY ELLIOT does each night before their performance, and then learn a dance routine from a professional choreographer? How do you learn to think on your feet and run with a new concept like an improv actor? Now you can find out. Give Tony Soto a call at 312-977-1710 because he has a Musical Theatre Workshop to add to an evening of theatre just right for you and your 14 or more friends …or co-workers, or classmates! Take a look at the photos.

And speaking of fun, if you want to have a wonderful evening be the among the first four to respond to this blog and we will have two comps waiting for you at the Cadillac Palace Box Office for SHREK THE MUSICAL this Friday night, August 6 (8:00).