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What’s Next?

Sometimes we just don’t know. I know many of our favorite subscribers are waiting to see what shows will be announced next.  At Broadway In Chicago we do 2 seasons each year because we have so many shows. Having 2 seasons a year also gives us an advantage for getting new shows since they have less of a lead time. People often ask us — how we pick the shows that come to Chicago?

We’re committed to bringing new shows to town each new season as well as some that direct from Broadway or early on in their tours. I expect we will have a little of both this year, and that we will be able to announce within the next month or so.

But on any given day, the line up can look completely different. Shows show interest and even confirm, but don’t always make it on the schedule. Then there is the scramble to make sure that we are able to create their pricing plans and performance schedules with enough time to get approval, and also to make sure that we get the show’s artwork in time. This can be a real challenge, especially  for the new shows, because in some cases all they have is the name of the show! But throughout the past ten years, the 2 seasons have always come together.

Okay- I am sure you thought I would give something away… but I just can’t!

Keep an eye out for our announcement!