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What a Great Tony Celebration…

The Tony Awards on Sunday were just brilliant. Great performances, acceptance speeches… I laughed, I cried, I was proud to be a part of the Broadway Community–even if our part of this community requires them to pack up and put their shows in trucks to get to us!

The most exciting part of the evening was Chicago’s fifth Regional Tony Award Winner, the Lookingglass Theatre Company. Here’s a TV commercial we created to celebrate all of Chicago’s Regional Tony Award Winners. After all CHICAGO is the only city in the country to win five Regional Tony Awards.

Well, the big talk is THE BOOK OF MORMON. The day after the Tony Awards, I had several requests for tickets to THE BOOK OF MORMON. Really? Are they crazy? The show is completely selling out!  And then I had the series of phone calls from friends, business associates, and others that demanded to know – when is the show coming to Chicago? I replied to all – I Believe! I’ve also asked Joseph Smith – we will see if he delivers!

I understand that 500 people lined up at THE BOOK OF MORMON on Broadway yesterday (the first performance after the Tony Awards) to enter a lottery for 22 tickets for those lucky enough to be drawn. But Chicago was not to be outdone… people from all over took to the streets wanting to know WHERE AND WHEN (hopefully in Chicago soon) THEY WOULD GET TICKETS TO THE BOOK OF MORMON.

THE BOOK OF MORMON is more than a Tony Award Winner — IT’S A MOVEMENT!