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Watch THE ILLUSIONISTS perform and be amazed!

We’re more than positive these are the reactions you’ll have when you see The Illusionists at the Cadillac Palace Theatre March 10 – 22! Each video contains one of the magician’s signature illusions – you won’t believe your eyes!

The Manipulator Yu Ho-Jin’s cloth to card trick

“Aww snap, that’s cool!”


The Anti-Conjuror Dan Sperry’s mask to dove trick

“AHHHH that’s incredible!”


The Trickster Jeff Hobson’s egg and bag trick

“Oooh that’s some breakfast magic right there!”


The Escapologist Andrew Basso escapes from water chamber

“Whaaaaa?! How’d his lungs not burst?!”


The Warrior Aaron Crow shoots an apple off an audience member’s head

“I can’t even process how incredible that was!”


The Inventor Kevin James saws a person in half

“I…have no words.”


The Futurist Adam Trent saws himself in half

“That’s got to hurt! How is he doing that?!”