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together in chicago for the first time

American-born actor Cory English has spent much of his career in London, but is excited to be back stateside and performing in the Windy City in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, a show masterminded by his mentor and friend, Mel Brooks. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.

How has your experience on the tour been so far?

Fantastic, traveling with my family and enjoying all of what the cities have had to offer. Meeting wonderful American characters along the way.

Where have you been so far on the tour?

So far we have been to: Providence, RI; Hartford, Connecticut; Cleveland & Columbus, Ohio.

Any sidesplitting, embarrassing or favorite moments you can share?

A couple of moments in every show there are “free” moments. Roger [Bart] and I have enjoyed some fun ad libs and its fun reminding ourselves in this way that it is a LIVE show. My William Shatner impersonation in one such moment was disgraceful and the joke died. Take the rough with the smooth, I guess. People prefer my Jimmy Stewart (SPOILER ALERT: its when Dr. Frankenstein is about to be taken away to be hung).

Are there any unexpected aspects to life on tour?

I have toured a few shows so touring life is familiar to me. Try and prepare for the surprises, I guess. Living with a 3 year old this often happens.

Have you been to Chicago before?

Yes back in 1994/5 during Hello Dolly with Carol Channing, but I stayed in Hinsdale with family and don’t remember staying in the city properly at all I’m ashamed to say. I do remember Wrigley Field, a great game before the baseball strike and great performances at Second City.

What are you most excited about during your 6-week stay in Chicago?

Being in one place for so long! My son taking class at Joffrey Ballet. Getting out to see some live music. Enjoying the ribs at Twin Anchors.  Shows. Family coming together for Thanksgiving – its our first in the states as a family and a big group of us have planned to be in the city. Hopefully catching The Addams Family opening, I have worked with a few people in the show.

See Cory in person at the Cadillac Palace Theatre through December 13 in Young Frankenstein!