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The North American Premiere Reviews for Heartbeat of Home are Here!

BIC Vice President Eileen LaCario attends Heartbeat of Home in Toronto
BIC Vice President Eileen LaCario attends Heartbeat of Home in Toronto

Following  the North American premiere in Toronto, Heartbeat of Home now has the critics applauding this “stage-thumping success”, according to the four-star review in The Toronto Star! Our very own Broadway In Chicago Vice President, Eileen LaCario, attended the show over the weekend and was extremely impressed.

“Surprise is the best element that a piece of live entertainment can possess, and Heartbeat of Home… is positively jam-packed with the nicest kind of surprises.”

“It’s a spectacular celebration of the human spirit that provides non-stop entertainment as well. That’s quite the combination.” – The Toronto Star

“Heartbeat of Home is an exuberant, sexy tribute to the diversity of dance.”

Perhaps the highest compliment of all: “It was a lovely way to spend a snowy Sunday afternoon. For more than two hours I forgot about winter.”- Mooney on Theatre

“Heartbeat of Home is everything a great theatre production should be.  Creative, invigorating, sexy and inspiring, this is a show with a clear vision, even better execution, and more than the requisite amount of heart.”

“The second act’s big number, “Latin Groove,” is a non-stop, cross-cultural dance jam that packs five separate numbers into one massive explosion — serious “wow” factor. It was ferocious, athletic, sexy and moving.” –