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Start Shooting

Photograph by Erik Cornet

Working for Broadway In Chicago has its obvious perks, especially as the Events Coordinator. Being able to organize events in these beautiful theatres still amazes me. Even just walking through each theatre’s magnificent lobby, I discover something new that I hadn’t noticed before. It is easy to overlook the details surrounding you while watching a show with 2,000 other people (especially when the shows are so great) but when you have the privilege of working in them, you take notice.

In addition to the pre-show receptions, corporate meetings and movie screenings, we get many unique requests asking for use of the theatres. Recently, one was for a photo and video shoot at the Bank of America Theatre featuring author Charlie Newton. His novel Start Shooting, just published this January, is set in Chicago. This specific theatre is very important to the character Arleen Brennan, a working actress who auditions on stage for a revival of “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Listening to Charlie describe this pivotal scene, it was clear the impact it had on the story and how much the theatre meant to him, as well as Arleen. Although he didn’t want to relinquish his “tough guy” persona, Charlie started to get emotional while discussing Arleen’s journey. It was incredibly moving for him to be able to sit alone in the space that has so much significance to his character and his story.

The theatres have important meaning to a lot of people, whether it was where you had a first date with a special person or holds the stage you someday hope to perform on.  As Charlie and Arleen did, I hope everyone is able to experience the magic they create.