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Short and Sweet – An Audience View: Catch Me If You Can

The Catch Me If You Can Tour CompanyPhoto By Carol Rosegg
The Catch Me If You Can Tour Company
Photo By Carol Rosegg

Broadway In Chicago is happy to introduce “Short & Sweet,” a quick view of our shows courtesy of Diana Martinez, who will give you the lowdown on Broadway In Chicago productions from the perspective of an audience member. Diana has more than 25 years of experience as an entertainment executive, most recently as President of The Second City. She has directed and produced over 40 live Broadway musical theatre shows and has presented more than 350 world-class Broadway national tours, dance, headline comedians and concert. We hope you enjoy this quick insight into our shows, and since this is all about our audience, share your own thoughts with us in the comments below.

Just saw Catch Me If You Can at the Cadillac Palace Theatre on Wednesday. This fast-paced stage version finds a powerful “sins of the father” through-line that the 2002 movie didn’t hit. The story is based on the life of fast-talking, charming, con artist Frank Abagnale Jr. (perfectly portrayed by Stephen Anthony) who, before the age of 19, scammed millions of dollars through fraud and forgery, posing as a pilot, doctor and lawyer. Although we know we’re not supposed to cheer him on, the audience couldn’t help but want him to win. I guess it’s our secret desire to be able to slip into someone else’s shoes for a while and “take a run.”

Big production numbers are peppered throughout the show and keep the energy racing. The costumer hit the right notes with the variety of costumes, and the styled, sexy, sixties dresses that will keep the eyes of male audience members glued to the dances. The 12-piece band is on stage and reminiscent of a ‘50s nightclub, giving the show the right swanky tone, and hitting their full stride in the swing numbers. The pace is great and the casting is strong. Aubrey Mae Davis brought the house down on opening night in her finale powerhouse ballad Fly, Fly Away, which serves as poignant a bridge between Frank’s escapades and the sad, heart-breaking end that crime usually faces. Anthony also has his own moment in the ballad spotlight in Act II. Both numbers are definitely worth the wait, capping a perfect date night show.

Catch it if you can!