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painting chicago pink

Becky Gulsvig as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde the Musical. Photo by Joan Marcus.
Becky Gulsvig as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde the Musical. Photo by Joan Marcus.

When I first started producing Legally Blonde with my partners, I was a little skeptical. I’m not blonde. I thought Juicy Couture was a type of bubble gum. Let’s say I was more like Elle’s nemesis, Vivienne. But now, just like Vivienne, I am a total convert. Color me pink, there’s never been a Blonde I love more. And I’m thrilled that our National Tour will play Chicago this May. Chicago is the best theatre town in the country as far as this Chicago native is concerned.

So I thought to myself, what should I share about the Blonde I adore? Is it some inside scoop- that the show’s four dogs (two principal pups and two understudies- yes, the dogs have understudies!) are all rescue dogs? Or that the score is written by two actual Harvard alums (a married couple, in fact)? Or that we have over 3,000 costume pieces, a mighty impressive feast for fashionistas? There are so many tidbits to share, but they don’t fully capture why I love Legally Blonde so much. Maybe it’s my belief that our musical answer to the film’s Harvard admission video is smart and spirited. Or that the quirky lawyer Emmett emerges as the leading man everyone adores. And then it hit me- I love this show every time I see it, and I’ve now seen it over 100 times, because the musical perfectly reflects the dilemma facing its leading lady. As Elle herself points out, you can’t judge a book by its cover. She may look like a typical Blonde, but she has humor and heart that wins over even the most discerning critic. I find myself rooting for our true-to-her roots heroine each and every time!

So when Chicago is painted pink this May, I hope all of you, including those Vivienne types just like me, will come celebrate with Elle Woods.

Legally yours,

Kristin Caskey