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Eddie Brigati, Gene Cornish, Dino Danelli, Felix CavaliereThis season at Broadway in Chicago is certainly shaping up to be a celebration of iconic music. In June, we announced that the hit Broadway show Motown the Musical would be launching its first national tour with us in the spring of 2014. Now, we’re pleased to welcome the Broadway hit Once Upon A Dream Starring The Rascals to the Cadillac Palace Theatre for a limited engagement beginning November 5.

THE RASCALS are considered to be one of the most influential, and artistically important American bands in Rock and Roll history. In a time dominated by the English rock acts of the British Invasion, The Rascals not only survived but thrived. They would go on to lead the way for Blue Eyed Soul to Folk Rock to Protest to Civil Rights, blending white Pop melodies with black soul and R&B muscle. Though they never brandished their politics like some bands, the Rascals truly lived theirs, fighting discrimination by demanding that a black act appear on the bill at each of its concerts.  The band released numerous top ten singles in the mid- and late-1960s, including “How Can I Be Sure”, “Come On Up”, “You Better Run”, “I’ve Been Lonely Too Long”, “Beautiful Morning”, and the #1 hits “Good Lovin'”, “Groovin'”, and “People Got to Be Free”.

They went their separate ways in the early 70’s, finally reuniting for one night in May of 1997 when Steven Van Zandt inducted them into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And now the day music historians never thought would happen, The Rascals’ original lineup—Felix Cavaliere, Gene Cornish, Eddie Brigati and Dino Danelli—have reunited for their first public performances in 40 years with “Once Upon A Dream,” a combination concert/theatrical event produced and directed by Steven Van Zandt and lighting/projection wizard Marc Brickman.

Once Upon A Dream Starring The Rascals will be a limited engagement at the Cadillac Palace Theatre from November 5 – 10. Tickets can be purchased here.