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my fancy tank-top

I’m rocking a Jersey Boys tank-top tan right now…and I actually kinda love it. Thanks, Jersey Boys.

Okay, I’m not gonna lie to you…standing out on the street and handing out summertime swag (really really CUTE swag, mind you!) has plenty of shortcomings: It’s hot. It’s sweaty. Sometimes you bump into your awkward Junior Prom date who now lives in the city (WHO KNEW?!) and there’s nowhere to hide! Bad times.

But it’s mostly a whole lot of fun! Interns are usually cubicle-captives at their summertime jobs. At BIC we get to be outside, exploring the city and interacting with random Chicago theater-lovers (sidebar: despite what your parents told you as kids, talking to strangers is an amazing character study…for all you actors out there!). Who wants to be cooped up in the office all day when you could be out enjoying the beautiful weather?!

Plus, need I repeat my love for the oh-so-attractive tank-top tan that results from standing on Michigan Avenue all afternoon in July?! Rich.

And who doesn’t love getting free stuff?! We pass out everything from CD samplers to fans to temporary tattoos and discount coupons! So if you see some friendly twenty-somethings all decked out in Jersey Boys & Spring Awakening apparel, handing out swag…come on over and say hi! And grab a fan to cool off. Trust me, they’re a lot of fun.

-Tom and Grace, Street Team Supreme