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Meet The Cast of Evil Dead!

With Evil Dead the Musical premiering tomorrow, read what the cast of this hilarious thriller has to say about their time spent here in Chicago and their experience as Candarian demons. You can live chat with them on Twitter next week on October 1st at 1pm CST! Tweet your questions using #EvilDeadBIC now and you’ll get a response from a cast member that day!


Julie Baird can’t wait to take the Broadway Playhouse stage tomorrow as Linda, the girlfriend of hero Ash! Read what she has to say about her experience performing for Broadway In Chicago’s hilarious and bloody good musical.

Here we go!! Evil Dead the Musical is moving into the Broadway Playhouse! To be performing as part of the Broadway in Chicago season feels a little unreal. Pinch me. I pop out of the subway station and pass the Water Tower singing Frank Sinatra’s version of “Chicago.” I’m probably getting stares but it’s fine because I get to perform nightly in my favorite city as a dancing zombie with the most amazing cast members a gal could ask for! I just recently moved back to Chicago after spending about a year and a half working at various places near the East Coast, so driving from LSD, the smell of Pequod’s deep dish pizza and the city’s Midwestern charm feels like home.

If you had asked me earlier in the year Evil Dead the Musical is not something I would have predicted to be on my list of projects, however I am so very glad it is!! The cast and crew we travel with are absolutely wonderful, and the over-the-top comedy is something I have grown to love. When we performed our preview a few weeks ago it was apparent that Chicago is going to have a blast embracing this crazy world of Candarian demons, campy fun, and extreme gore. You definitely don’t want to miss out!!!


Toronto native Andrew Di Rosa welcomes Chicago as his new home in the production of Evil Dead The Musical. Here is what he has to say about the wonderful city of Chicago and the hilarious gory musical it will host for the next three weeks.

Having hailed from Toronto, it is tough for me to admit that a city can rival my hometown quite like Chicago does. I arrived here a little under two months ago and I have instantly fallen in love with this beautiful city. The idea of leaving here is really difficult to imagine. Another thing that was difficult to imagine was that I would one day be performing as part of Broadway in Chicago’s season! It is truly a dream come true. I was first introduced to Broadway in Chicago when I performed during the preview concert in Millennium Park in front of close to twenty thousand people. I realized, very quickly, the support and genuine interest of the Chicago Arts community. It was both an exhilarating and a profound moment in my career.

When I first arrived in Chicago I asked my cast members, all who are current residents of Chicago, where I needed to go. Many people advised me that the deep dish from Pequod’s was the best and that ‘the bean’ was a site to see. I went to both and took pictures and sent them back home to brag to my family. I have quickly fallen in love with the downtown area and especially the beautiful Broadway Playhouse theatre that we are lucky enough to cover in blood. It is a wonderful space to perform this crazy show and I couldn’t have asked for more. Even our first preview in this theatre proved how wonderful the audiences were and how willing they were to go on this bloody and hysterical journey with us. With show stopping chants and thunderous applause, this audience has taken to the show quite wonderfully. They cheered, they laughed, they forgave us for the little mistakes we made along the way. This show has been a truly remarkable experience that I am so excited to share with the beautiful city of Chicago for the next three weeks.

See Evil Dead the Musical at the Broadway Playhouse, now playing through October 12!