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mama said knock you out

Jersey Boys vs. ChicagoThere is always great camaraderie between casts of different shows, as well as a little rivalry. Casts live and work a different schedule than most of us. We enjoy theatre during our free time. They enjoy free time while we work. So a midnight game of Whirlyball is the perfect start to a Thursday evening. In case you are not familiar with Whirlyball, think of a cross between basketball and lacrosse – in bumper cars.

The cast of JERSEY BOYS challenged the cast of CHICAGO to a high stakes game a few weeks ago, and Timmy Quinlan, a member of the cast of JERSEY BOYS, had this to offer about his experience:


I can feel my heart beat faster. I know they’re bearing down on me. The goal is in my sights. If my aim is true, the tide will turn and life as we know it will never be the same.
I shoot.
The black team takes the lead. No time to celebrate, back to defend our turf. In my scoot, #31 black, I can’t be beat. She’s fast enough for you old man.
Sure, we’ll slap each other on the back later and say “good game,” but for these ten minutes, the battle rages on.
Here they come at full force, cradling the scuffed wiffle ball, holding onto their one bit of power. It’s all they have. That and their pride, but that won’t last long.
Two minutes to go and it’s looking good for Team Black. The ball ricochets off of the backboard. It rolls to the corner. I reach my scoop down, but I’m checked into the boards, hard. red #1. He’ll get his.
I see #15 black making a fast break. My scoot flies down the court, the wind blowing through my hair. I take out #8 red to ensure an open shot.
If only we can hold on long enough…


JERSEY BOYS walloped CHICAGO. RENT (beginning March 31) is the next opponent.

-Andrew, Marketing Director