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How It Feels To Watch Evil Dead The Musical

What do you get when you mix a fun-filled weekend gone rogue with zombies, chainsaws, and enough fake blood to cover the front row? Evil Dead the Musical! Here’s what it feels like to watch this bloody good musical!





You don’t really know how they are going to pull off a horror musical…


But then the first song plays and you’re like, “Wow this awesome!”


You relax because the first part is fun and you forget that it’s a thriller musical. 

Number 3


But then there’s a wicked twist that leaves you a little terrified.

Number 4


You remember that the show is titled “EVIL DEAD,” so you get psyched again!

Number 5


And the songs are so catchy you want to sing and dance along…

Number 6


Even though you are still a little terrified.

Number 7


But you don’t even care because you’re so entertained!

Number 8


Through all the blood and thrilling moments you are still laughing!

Number 9


And if you are sitting in the “Splatter Zone” you are anxiously waiting for some fake blood to be spilled on you.

Number 10


You feel festive because it’s almost Halloween…

Number 11


And you can’t wait to plan your Evil Dead themed party!




And as always, after the show, you are thankful musicals exist because they are awesome!

Number 12


Evil Dead opens on September 23! Get your tickets now for this thriller musical that will be the scariest fun you’ll have at the theater!


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