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FOUR STARS OUT OF FOUR….would you expect any less for WICKED

Wow – you have to see the review from both the Chicago Tribune and the Sun Times today for WICKED.

I have to say that it made be very happy and also made me laugh.  Read Chris Jones review from the beginning to the end as he does what I wish all critics would do and that is relate to the audience.   He tells a hysterical story about a football sized man that he met in the men’s room, that had seen the show 5 times before and loved the production he was seeing that night.  I have to tell you that Chris tapped into my favorite place to find out what audiences really think of the show. 

For many years, I have hung out in the bathroom – as people speak the truth while waiting in line!  Whether they know who I am or not, people are completely free to say whether they liked a show or not.  It’s like the best focus group ever and often I share these stories and anecdotes with producers – especially on the pre-Broadways. Okay my secret is out! Trust me, the bathroom conversation for WICKED is always great and always very quick as they rush back to be sure they don’t miss one minute of a show that audiences beg to see again and again.

Most everyone has heard me say it, but truly, my favorite part of theatre is the audience.  My respect for each and every one of them goes deep and their opinions matter.