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Chicago theatre is the standard by which I judge all the work I do. I’m grateful to Roosevelt University for so many things, but mostly for introducing me to the greatest city there is. The work is real, challenging, envelope pushing, inspiring. The people? Well, I’ve made many lifelong friends here who always keep me sharp.

My greatest memories in Chicago involve great laughter over a good pint, sneaking into the Auditorium peanut gallery after rehearsal to watch and learn (never mind how nervous those leaning seats made me), worshiping Steppenwolf, developing my crazy passion for the classics and the namesake of my equally dramatic cat, Shakespeare. I grew up here. I am so happy to be back. I won’t be gone again this long.

Yolanda Miller, Roosevelt University, good ‘ol Chi-town theatre…they changed my life. I’m back and I plan on havin’ a good time!

-Merle Dandridge, Lady of the Lake (Monty Python’s Spamalot)