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Elephants, Gazelles and Lions, oh my!

Phindile Mkhize as “Rafiki” in the opening number “The Circle of Life” from THE LION KING National Tour. Copyright Disney. Photo Credit: Joan Marcus.

Elephant Kills? No, it is not something that is harmful to majestic animals that will grace the aisles of the Cadillac Palace Theatre this fall. It is actually the insider’s language for the seats that have to come out in order to accommodate the size of this spectacle that wows the audience in the opening number. Hence these are the seats that are “killed” to accommodate the elephants of THE LION KING. Don’t miss what Chris Jones called: “greatest family musical of our era”

IF YOU … Want to see the greatest family musical of our era:

I’ve never met anyone who has not both admired and enjoyed Julie Taymor’s “The Lion King.” This Broadway show was one of those rare moments in the circle of theatrical life when a great, progressive artist such as Taymor took a popular animated movie and fashioned an accessible onstage masterpiece. Disney has kept the show at the same high touring level all these years, thanks to actors able to withstand this physically demanding show, and this will be the third visit of “The Lion King” to Chicago. There are few comparable moments to the sight of Taymor’s animals entering the theater — and the looks they engender on the small persons in the seats, suddenly hooked on the magic of live theater. (Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune – August 27, 2010)

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