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An Awfully Big Adventure

Wendy (Evelyn Hoskins) and the Lost Boys

Coming from a small town in the English countryside where the buildings are never over three stories high, the city of Chicago is like the places I use to dream about seeing as a child. Now I’m here, not only to visit but to perform, and the best part is I get to play a child each night and fly over the streets and rivers of London!

Having only been here since April, I know I have yet to discover everything this beautiful city has to offer but I’m so excited to do so! Performing here is not dissimilar to London, the audiences are very mature and you can tell Chicago is a theatre town from the amazing reactions we have been receiving.

It’s so very exciting for me to get to play Wendy not only on the United States tour but especially so in Chicago where theatre is so important. I’m very grateful to be here, very excited for what’s to come and to see what the city has to offer!

– Evelyn Hoskins (Wendy, Peter Pan)

Do you have any suggestions for places Evelyn and the Peter Pan cast should visit while they’re here in Chicago? Let us know in the comments!