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Becky Gulsvig (Legally Blonde) at the Taste of Chicago Concert 2008
Becky Gulsvig (Legally Blonde) at the Taste of Chicago Concert 2008

What a trip to New York! We met with a lot of shows that are thinking about coming to Chicago and began to work out our next two seasons, as well as Broadway In Chicago’s summer concert at the Taste of Chicago. You already know about some of the upcoming shows – AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY, LEGALLY BLONDE – but some which will be new and announced over the next six months. I so wish I could talk about all of them now but who knows what will for sure happen.

I got to see IN THE HEIGHTS. It was my second time – and while it has the most amazing hip hop and salsa music – the story could not be more touching and more like FIDDLER. I know that might be shocking but I found out that Lin-Manuel Miranda was inspired by FIDDLER when writing IN THE HEIGHTS.

Sunday night I saw the opening of the ROSE AND THE RIME. I had heard such good buzz about it and boy, was everyone right…this was The House at its best. A fabulous show that you should not miss! Don’t wait – this week go to see CHICAGO (opens this week) at the Oriental Theatre and ROSE AND THE RIME at the Chopin Theatre.

This week I am going to London. Looking at another new show!

Have a great and be sure to go to the theatre !
More from me next week….