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a decade of singing & dancing

It is the end of a decade and it took Chris Jones’ article about the decade to make us realize that Broadway In Chicago started at the beginning of the decade and is still going strong at the end of the decade! Ten years! When people say time flies when you are having fun, it is so true.

So we realized that this next year is a real celebration for Broadway In Chicago and for the entire staff. Everyone throughout the organization poured their passion and drive into operating these beautiful theatres at the highest level: filling more weeks in the theatres downtown; having more shows come to Chicago first and stay here longer; and having producers hire from the rich base of actors, musicians, technicians and designers, and it has really made a difference. Be on the lookout for anniversary celebrations throughout 2010. We are already anticipating what’s next for Broadway In Chicago’s second decade. It is sure to be dramatic!

There is still time to end the decade with Broadway In Chicago! Join us for a New Year’s Eve Performance of THE ADDAMS FAMILY (only 2 weeks left), JERSEY BOYS (only 2 weeks left), IN THE HEIGHTS (only 1 week left). Don’t miss these great shows! Movies can wait – they will be on DVD soon enough. There is nothing like live theatre!