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25 years of Les Miserables

Last night I went to the movie theatre to see the 25th Anniversary event of Les Miserables in Concert and OH MAN, was it awesome! I saw Les Mis for the first time a couple of years ago in Chicago and I’ve never been so excited. The whole show leaves your jaw hanging as you are in awe of the incredible talent and exquisite singing before you. I thought maybe I wouldn’t be as stunned this time around since I had seen it already but there is something so magical and compelling about the music and story of Les Mis. One great thing about this concert version is that, unlike the show, it was not fully staged so it let you focus on the music and the deep, powerful voices. I left the showing thinking about every song and every lyric, immediately calling people to tell them they need to see the show, sharing the music with them, and leaving the Les Mis album on repeat during my commute to work. When I got to work the next morning, my coworker (a newbie to Les Mis) turned to me and said “Can you guess which song I’m obsessed with now?” which led to a conversation in which I guessed every single song in the show (“Well it’s probably not one of the classics like ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ or ‘On My Own’ which you already know without trying…‘Bring Him Home’ has to be my favorite, and what about ‘One Day More!’ or ‘Stars’”) before finally getting to “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” which he claimed to have watched 40 times last night on YouTube in varying versions. Beyond reminding me of the music which stays with you forever, the 25th anniversary event made me so jealous of all the people in the audience who got to experience the reuniting of two casts from the original to the present and witness the creators of the show who started a phenomenon.

One thing is for sure, I’m looking up the upcoming Les Mis tour to see how many times I can go see it again and LIVE!

– Julia D’Angelo

Booking & Engagement Management Associate at Broadway Booking Office NYC