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Around Broadway In Chicago, we were thrilled to hear that Rosie O’Donnell was coming to Chicago for her new show. As I am sure you know, she has been a huge supporter of Broadway – and already she’s featured the cast of PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT during the show’s first week! What a great start! When I came into work last week, I found out one of our staffers got to attend a ROSIE taping and was selected for one of her games. Have any of you been to a taping yet? Have you been watching the show?  – Eileen

I don’t know if there are many things that I love more than playing games. I was raised in a family where you could pretty much kick butt at the DICTIONARY game by the age of 10 and I play CELEBRITY with friends at game nights until the wee hours of the morning. So as fate would have it, last week I got to get my game on on the new ROSIE SHOW here in Chicago at Harpo Studios! I was picked to play a celebrity guessing game and I couldn’t have been more excited! (insert squeal and high kick) It was awesome to meet Rosie. I have been a fan for so long. She loves Broadway, I love Broadway, we love BROADWAY!  She was amazing. She is so naturally funny and down to earth and during commercial breaks she was answering questions from the audience. Valerie Harper and The Bacon Brothers were great guests. My Mom and I are big Kevin Bacon fans so it was great to see him. He is handsome as ever! (insert Footloose dance move and High belted line of “I need a Hero”)  The game segment was last and it all went by so quickly… all of of sudden it was time to go on stage! My competition was a cute gal who was sweet and all, but I was in the zone. And when I am in that zone, all I need is a sturdy bra and a pair of flats. There’s ’bout to be some jumping happening y’all. So we begin…Rosie chatted with us both for a minute and then she started the game called “DOODLES”. A celebrity face would pop up on the screen and we had to hit the buzzer when they removed one of the doodles if we knew who it was. First one…BAM! I got it right. Second one..BOOM! I got it right! Third one (with Rosie helping out my competition)… she got it right. But the next one?! I get it and I win! Then there was a quick bonus round and all of a sudden music, cheers, and I read the prompter to cue the confetti blast. I won a hotel stay and dinner. MAN! I love hotels and dinner. It was super fun and I just know her show will be a big success, and it deserves to be. I can’t wait for all the great performances she will have on and of course, I will have to tune in for the GAMES! Watch it with me!

– Shannon, Group Sales