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Have a ‘Wicked’ Halloween

When you wear a costume every day for work, Halloween can be confusing.

So, what’s Halloween like for the cast of “Wicked”? Two cast members told us their plans for post-show Halloween parties.

Jennifer DiNoia

Standby for lead character


Motivation: “We have to dress up in pretty crazy garb all the time, so I think most people are going to dress up as pretty normal things.”

The character: animated rock idol Jem, from the ’80s cartoon “Jem and the Holograms.”

The costume: “I’m going to wear a pink wig, just so I can style it and put a lot of goop in it. … I have this pink V-neck dress and this silver belt with a wrap, which is kind of her signature outfit. And, of course, pink pumps and the light pink hair.”

Brad Simanski

Ensemble member, sometimes the character Boq

Motivation: “I wanted to stay in the music genre, just something simple.”

The character: Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash

The costume: “I’ll go with the wig, a top hat, probably one of those tuxedo jackets and ripped jeans. I might get one of those fake tattoos. I might bring along my ‘Guitar Hero’ guitar.”

But Simanski is considering another option. “Maybe I’ll just take a cardboard cutout of the letter P. And then … black out one of my eyes and go as a Black Eyed Pea.”