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As press representative for Broadway In Chicago, my days are truly filled with the most exciting and fulfilling work imaginable. Whether it is XANADU, JERSEY BOYS, MARY POPPINS, or any of our other shows that grace our stages, I am able to fully experience Chicago theatre season after wondrous season. My team and I work passionately on the phones booking newspaper and Web stories, escorting our incredibly talented cast members to TV and radio studios, organizing special appearances…and everything in between. One of the most rewarding aspects of working in public relations is the opportunity for community outreach and supporting worthwhile causes here in Chicago.That said, I am thrilled that our company of JERSEY BOYS is teaming up with Diet Coke (and I do believe I am the world’s #1 Diet Coke consumer!) and Jewel-Osco for Heart Health Awareness Month this February. In association with the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s “The Heart Truth” campaign, a series of events are happening to promote the prevention of heart disease. With over 80 million of Americans (about 1 in 3 people) suffering from one or more types of cardiovascular disease each year, I am so pleased that our company of JERSEY BOYS can bring much needed recognition to this cause!

Dr. Sandy Goldberg (NBC5), Kim Kirchherr (Jewel-Osco Dietician), Bryan Peck (WILV-FM), Contest Winner Jay and Jersey Boys Cast Members Jared Bradshaw, Alyana Gallo, Ryan Quinn West
Dr. Sandy Goldberg (NBC5), Kim Kirchherr (Jewel-Osco), Bryan Peck (WILV-FM), Contest Winner Jay and Jersey Boys Cast Members Jared Bradshaw, Alyana Gallo, Ryan Quinn West

Through our partnership with Diet Coke, cast members from JERSEY BOYS will be joined by NBC 5 contributor and clinical nutritionist Dr. Sandy Goldberg at area Jewel-Osco stores to share heart-healthy shopping tips, sign autographs and give away fabulous prizes. Stop by and visit us from 3:30 – 5 p.m. at the following dates and locations:

Thursday, February 19: Jewel-Osco at 2940 N. Ashland Ave.
Friday, February 20: Jewel-Osco at 370 N. Des Plaines St.
Thursday, February 26: Jewel-Osco at 1224 S. Wabash St.

JERSEY BOYS will also be hosting a special Heart Health Night performance at the Bank of America Theatre on March 18. The “red carpet” evening will be dedicated to raising awareness for the cause. One lucky winner from the Jewel-Osco events will even have a walk-on role in that evening’s performance!

I really hope that you visit us at one of our upcoming appearances. I know the cast loves to meet their fans.

I’ll leave you with my “40-Year Motto.” It’s the motto I’ve carried with me for the forty years I’ve been in this business. Here it is: I don’t subscribe to the word “No.” If someone walks into my office and says it can’t be done, I tell them to turn around and try again. If that doesn’t work, I pick up the phone.

Best Regards,
Margie Korshak

P.S. For the cast of JERSEY BOYS “story behind the story,” be sure to attend one of their upcoming Stage Side Chats, after Tuesday night performances only from March 3 – April 7.