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First Preview

Photo by Stephanie Boisvert

First nights are special – the best part of live theatre is the unknown. How will the audience react? How will the performers connect with the audience? Most of the time this is a mystery. However, with TRACES, opening at the BROADWAY PLAYHOUSE, because it is a National Premiere that has rehearsed right here in Chicago, we have had the benefit of inviting some people in for several dress rehearsals and they all loved the show. However, tonight is still the most important night for me, my favorite audience, the ones that paid for their tickets, our loyal subscribers and the fans of Broadway In Chicago who always want to be there the first night. Can’t wait to join them and share this special first night with them. The one thing that I know for sure – their jaws will all be dropping and everyone will be on the edge of their seats. I will update tomorrow and let you know how it goes!