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Broadway In Chicago Front of House: Traces

Photo by Michael Meseke

I was speaking to a patron before the November 23rd performance of TRACES began when the entire theater suddenly began applauding. I thought that this was very odd considering the crowd is rarely that electrified before a performance begins. However, I quickly realized what the audience was reacting to. At TRACES an image is projected on the stage pre-show that displays the patrons entering the theater. After discovering the source of the image, one patron went back and made a few impromptu signs explaining that this performance was his children’s first theatrical experience and that the audience should applaud to celebrate. There was a slight issue because the camera ended up displaying his writing backwards, which made it slightly difficult to read, but in the end the audience got the message.

I have to say that the audience absolutely loved the show that evening; they were extremely responsive, and everyone seemed to have a great time. I’m sure that this experience pre-show helped energize the audience, and the performance itself took it a step further. There wasn’t a single person who left the theater without a smile on his or her face. As a house manager it is always wonderful to see responsive and fun audience members such as those that attended this performance. I can’t wait to see what the next few performances bring our way.