Christopher Kimball Live

  • Playing at: Cadillac Palace Theatre
  • Dates: September 29, 2016 - One Night Only!

Spend an evening with Christopher Kimball, Founder of America’s Test Kitchen and, most recently, Milk Street Kitchen. Participate in a live audience taste-test to discover whether you are a super-taster. Enjoy rare blooper footage including a disastrous Today Show appearance and Mr. Kimball’s TV moment as Carmen Miranda! And watch live experiments on stage as we magically whip egg whites to 50x their volume, drop Jell-O in slow motion to explore the science of gels, and demonstrate the theory of parallel universes using Angel Food Cake!

This is also an evening to share your cooking problems and memories with Mr. Kimball as he answers questions from the audience and invites audience members onto the stage to compete in a culinary quiz ($100 prize!). Plus, we smack down conventional cooking wisdom, reveal the worst ingredient substitutions ever made by home cooks, and go behind-the-scenes in Mr. Kimball’s Vermont hometown.

A limited number of premium tickets are available for each show which entitle the holder to a post-show meet and greet with Mr. Kimball plus a personalized book signing for The Cook’s Bible and The Dessert Bible.