Save Our Stages

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The International Sign of Distress is aptly the same initials of Save Our Stages! Broadway In Chicago and thousands of stages across the country have been dark since March and in all probability will continue to be dark until late 2021. Over a year with no live performances, stages across the country are fighting to stay alive. Performing Arts were the first to close and last to open and are one of the largest economic generators for Chicago and cities across the country. As such, we urge Congress to pass COVID-19 relief legislation including the Save Our Stages Act. This is an industry that employs hundreds of thousands of workers and relief is desperately needed.

We need our elected officials to come together on COVID-19 assistance now, not weeks or even months from now. Theatres are independent businesses, which contribute billions of dollars to their local economies, but so many are now on the precipice of mass collapse if this critical funding does not come through.

While the previous PPP and other programs that have been provided offered some support it did not include larger venues, the most significant contributors to the economic impact in their communities. As such, these businesses who have been completely shuttered and unable to conduct business due to health concerns posed by large gatherings, will not survive without support and losing these venues will take a toll on local economies across the country.

A Chicago study alone estimated that every dollar spent on a ticket or admission to the Arts, $12 in total economic impact is generated, and more paid admission visits are made to the Arts in downtown Chicago alone each year (7.3 million) than to all of Chicago’s professional sports teams combined (6.7 million).

Our tremendous gratitude to Senators and Congressional leaders that are supporting this bill and WE NEED YOU, AS OUR SUPPORTERS, TO WRITE OR CALL URGING YOUR REPRESENTATION IN WASHINGTON DC TO VOTE YES for COVID-19 relief legislation that includes the bipartisan Save Our Stages Act, S. 4258 and H.R. 7806. This financial assistance would allow theaters, the assets of our communities and enormous economic generators to survive and reopen their doors when it is safe to do so.

Click here to find your Federal Representative’s contact information.

As always we thank you for your support through this difficult and unimaginable time.
Please know that we look forward to and are working hard toward the time that we can be all together again.

Lou Raizin
Broadway In Chicago