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To be in the know for Broadway shows, Broadway In Chicago's official app is the only resource you need to find out what's on stage, how to get there and where to eat or stay while you are downtown. Check performance times, purchase tickets and even preview video from some of the hottest shows on Chicago stages. For backstage scoop and the best deals, follow Broadway In Chicago's blog or listen to the latest podcast, perfect for the true Broadway fan.

Broadway In Chicago owns and operates three historic downtown theatres - the Bank of America Theatre, Cadillac Palace Theatre and Ford Center for the Performing Arts, Oriental Theatre - as well as presenting the Broadway shows at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University and Drury Lane Theatre Water Tower Place, providing entertainment to the heart of Chicago's Downtown Theatre District.

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Features available in version 1.05:

  • Check the current and upcoming shows and learn all about them.
  • Buy tickets online or by phone.
  • Get directions to theatres and parking.
  • Get information on nearby hotels and restaurants and how to contact them.
  • Learn about exclusive offers.
  • Sign-up for mobile alerts and email updates.
  • Get the most recent blog, podcast, and youtube channel listings.

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BIC iPhone App FAQs

How do I get the BIC Theatre App on my iPhone?
  • You can download the app on the iPhone through the app store by searching for "BIC Theatre" or you can click here.
What if I don't have an iPhone?
  • Those accessing Broadway In Chicago's website on a PDA, cell phone, or other mobile device will be automatically redirected to a new mobile-friendly website specially formatted for a small screen. This mobile-friendly site will have a wealth of information for all of Broadway's top shows in Chicago that all PDA users can enjoy quickly and easily.
How much does it cost?
  • The BIC Theatre app is free of charge. Please note that the app does use the internet, so check with your carrier if you're charged for usage.
What Apple devices will the application work on?
  • The application works with all iPhones and iPod Touches with operating system version 2.2 or the later. Some functionality does not work on the iPod Touch such as making phone calls.
I can't get the application to open past the loading screen. What should I do?
  • First, try turning your phone off and on. Sometimes, this is required for a new installation. Also, make sure you can connect to with no problems.
Can I use the app offline or in airplane mode?
  • No. The app requires an internet connection. We may add this feature in the future.
What is the difference between the iPhone app and
  • First, the iPhone app is especially suited to display on the iPhone screen and help you find information speedily. The most-requested information from Broadway In Chicago's website is in a quick and convenient App!
How do I customize my tab bar?
  • Click on the "more" tab and then look for the "edit" button in the top right. Click and hold an icon and drag it over the tab bar to replace a tab you no longer want on the tab bar. This tab order will be saved when you press the "done" button.
How do I remove the iPhone application from my iPhone?
  • Hold your finger over the BIC Theatre app icon. Once the icons start to wiggle, an "x" should appear in the top right corner of every icon. Hit the "x" to get the option to remove the program.
Is there a longer, more in-depth video tutorial?
  • Yes, click here to view it. It takes a few moments to load.
I would like an app made for my company. Who crafted this lovely work of art?
  • David D'Angelo of Little Box Creations does all kinds of media driven marketing and development from basic websites to pure programming applications to music, art and movie creations.

More Info

  • For additional questions on the BIC Theatre app, or if you'd like to provide feedback, report errors, or request new features, please send us an email at:
  • For more information about the iTunes App Store and your iPhone or iPod Touch, check out the APP STORE FAQS.